Who is funding Feed-in Tariff?

FiT system is funded by Electricity Consumers in Malaysia. For Commercial & Industrial usage, 1.6% is charged under category "KUMPULAN WANG TENAGA BOLEH BAHARU".

However, for Residential Consumers, who consume more than 300 units of electricity which equivalent to RM77 each month will be charged 1.6% upon the bill for the FiT purpose.

Is income from FiT taxable?

Yes. Income from any FiT scheme is consider taxable unless policy is changed.

I'm a previous Renewable Energy Subsidies Recipient, am I entitled for Feed-in Tariff?

Yes, however, you will need to migrate to FiT Scheme from the existing subsidies scheme, please contact our Sales Staff for further info.

Is foreigner Eligible for FiT?

Yes, a foreign person who is 21 years old and above can apply up to 12kW for Individual (Residential) Category and 72kW for Non-individual.

What Happens if I decide to Sell my house? Is the contract transferrable to the new owner?

Yes. The contract is transfferable, with prior consent from SEDA Malaysia.

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