Established in 2013, we, MAQO Solar, as a solar company in Malaysia, aim to become the market leader for Residential Solar System Provider in 2015. By providing reasonable pricing, high quality products & installation job, professional advisory services, on-site trouble shooting and fast responding after sales services, we believe that our vision is achievable by continuously gaining of customer trust. Further, by every cases, RM 500 and above will be reserved to create an NGO - Solar Scout, which we aim to contribute the society by selling simple solar lighting set to rural area, not only in Malaysia, but also to South East Asia Country as well. However, we will start the exercise by giving one unit of the equipment to the family which have learning children in Cambodia by each and every sales case we received, certificate will be provided to the customer as a recognition and appreciation. We provide the best solar energy products, services and solutions to our customers. Satisfactions are guaranteed.

Our Mission:

To create value for customer, company owner, society, next generations & earth by contributing in business activities which bring good impact to the environment.
To focus in decisions and actions which bring human being & all life being into a better state of living.
To create awareness of urgency for the society to implement renewable energy.
To promote solar energy in an out of the country as a solar company in Malaysia.

Our Vision

As a solar company in Malaysia, our Vision is to build a better world. Regardless how limited every single of us, "many hands make light work", we believes every small little contribution counts. By holding trust in each others, a sustaining, beautiful and inspiring world can be a reality.

Our Strength

We are a team of passionate people, we guarantee a satisfying of sales & services among all Service Provider.
We are most experienced Solar Design & Installation ISPQ.
We have handled more than 1MW of total Solar Installation Job, which makes our experience shines.
Our job is 100% Delivered & T&C on time.


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Solar takes advantage of a free and powerful energy source – the sun.In a single hour, the sun transmits more energy to the earth's surface than the world uses in a year.Solar converts this energy into electricity, making it a simple, clean and cost-effective way to power our lives. It’s dependable, too – because unlike fossil fuels, the sun’s energy is unlimited.Just imagine what that could do for the environment, and to you, financially.

Earth's Energy Budget

The Earth can be considered as a physical system with an energy budget that includes all gains of incoming energy and all losses of outgoing energy. The planet is approximately in equilibrium, so the sum of the gains is approximately equal to the sum of the losses. All energy use results in waste heat. In order to use more total energy than presently and without raising the Earth's average temperature, that additional energy must be compensated for by using only sources that would otherwise have been wasted.


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Placed on roofs or on the ground, solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity.

It was once treated as a "Trendy" & "expensive" technology, however, by time passes, the technology of producing and scale of economy has lowered the production cost with an astonishing rate that make solar a reasonable choice for an cleaner alternative of power source.

It’s true that the more light the panels receive, the more electricity they can generate. But they still work on cloudy days – just as a solar-powered calculator does.Their full name is solar photovoltaic panels, or PV. (“Photo” means “light” and “volts” means electricity.). However, we usually just say “solar” for short.


Renewable Resource

Solar energy is a completely renewable resource. This means that even when we cannot make use of the sun’s power because of nighttime or cloudy and stormy days, we can always rely on the sun showing up the very next day as a constant and consistent power source.

No Pollution

Solar energy creates absolutely no pollution. This is perhaps the most important advantage that makes solar energy so much more practical than oil. Oil burning releases harmful greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide into our precious air.

Benefit in Long Term

Solar panels and solar lighting may seem quite expensive when you first purchase it, but in the long run you will find yourself saving quite a great deal of money. After all, it does not cost anything to harness the power of the sun. Unfortunately, paying for oil is an expensive prospect and the cost is still rising consistently. Why pay for expensive energy when you can harness it freely?

Easy Installation

Solar powered panels and products are typically extremely easy to install. Wires, cords and power sources are not needed at all, making this an easy prospect to employ.

Technology is Consistent Improving

Solar power technology is improving consistently over time, as people begin to understand all of the benefits offered by this incredible technology. As our oil reserves decline, it is important for us to turn to alternative sources for energy.

Silent Production

Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all. They do not make a single peep while extracting useful energy from the sun. On the other hand, the giant machines utilized for pumping oil are extremely noisy and therefore very impractical.

Low Maintenance

Very little maintenance is required to keep solar cells running. There are no moving parts in a solar cell, which makes it impossible to really hurt them. Solar cells tend to last a good long time with only an annual cleaning to worry about.

How Solar Panel Works?

You’ve probably seen solar panels on roofs, or maybe on the ground. The panels are frames made up of solar (PV) cells (these are layers of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon).The best conditions for solar:

  All facing directions are consider efficient in Equatorial countries, tilting angle plays a bigger role.

  An angled roof (not flat) that points to the sun.

  An unshaded spot so your solar can see the sun absorb as much daylight as possible throughout the day.


Who is funding Feed-in Tariff?

FiT system is funded by Electricity Consumers in Malaysia. For Commercial & Industrial usage, 1.6% is charged under category "KUMPULAN WANG TENAGA BOLEH BAHARU".

However, for Residential Consumers, who consume more than 300 units of electricity which equivalent to RM77 each month will be charged 1.6% upon the bill for the FiT purpose.

Is income from FiT taxable?

Yes. Income from any FiT scheme is consider taxable unless policy is changed.

I'm a previous Renewable Energy Subsidies Recipient, am I entitled for Feed-in Tariff?

Yes, however, you will need to migrate to FiT Scheme from the existing subsidies scheme, please contact our Sales Staff for further info.

Is foreigner Eligible for FiT?

Yes, a foreign person who is 21 years old and above can apply up to 12kW for Individual (Residential) Category and 72kW for Non-individual.

What Happens if I decide to Sell my house? Is the contract transferrable to the new owner?

Yes. The contract is transfferable, with prior consent from SEDA Malaysia.

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