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Why Choose Solar?

Solar N.E.M

The concept of using energy produced from the solar PV system installed will be consumed first, and any excess to be exported and sold.

Investment Return

Pump in an investment, leave it aside, and enjoy a return of up to 15% ROI, all from the Sun’s energy, focus free, worry free and with minimized risk.

Enhance Value

A solar PV not only makes the property looks good, in reality it added value into the property by providing income and alternative power source.

Who Are We

We at MAQO, going green is our passion. We are a team of passionate people and we guarantee a satisfying of sales & services to our clients. We are well experienced in Solar Design & Installation ISPQ and we have handled more than 1MW of total Solar Installation Job, which makes our experience shines. Our mission is to provide our clients wiht highest quality solar energy solutions and financial return on their investment. Be apart of our passion and save earth for our future generation..

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Why Go Green?

Reduce Costs

Reduce your electricity bill up to 100% by using solar

Pure Energy

Solar energy can greatly reduce CO2 emissions

Monitor Energy Consumption

The monitoring app allows you to track your habits and change them

Energy Independency

Reduce dependency on the grid by using your own energy system

Services Provided
  • Net Energy Metering
  • Large Scale Solar
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Off-Grid PV Solar System
  • NEM Solar Calculator

MAQO - Solar Company Malaysia

Established in 2013, we, MAQO Solar, as a solar company in Malaysia, aim to become the market leader for Residential Solar System Provider in 2015. By providing reasonable pricing, high quality products & installation job, professional advisory services, on-site trouble shooting and fast responding after sales services, we believe that our vision is achievable by continuously gaining of customer trust.

Call us now

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry related to our services and products. Our solar company team in Malaysia will provide professional advices and consultation services, as well as formulating and designing the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions for our clients and customers. Satisfactions are guaranteed.